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Fencing Solutions - Balustrade Type B

Technical Data

The Type B Balustraded fence is suitable for AS2156.2 Installations as follows -

  • Track Class 1: protects against falls to 1.5m

  • Track Class 2: Protects against falls to 3.0m

  • Track Class 3 - 5: Protects against all falls

May also be used in residential installations where approved by BCA. It may be supplied with either Galvanized or 316 Stainless dowels to suit severe coastal installations.

Posts are supplied with a standard 600mm in ground embedment depth to suit concrete footings. Should a variation be required please advise. All concrete is graded N20 at 28 days. All grout is Class C cementitious high early strength non shrink grout. Resin for anchoring to rock is any suitable two component epoxy.  



A very attractive fence that offer an excellent level of protection. Suitable for a wide range of installations including: 

  •  Marine Theme areas

  • Water hazards

  • Blending with modern architectural areas

  • Highlighting features

Without a doubt one of the best combinations of traditional and modern construction materials.  



Download a PDF drawing of Type B


Project in focus

04138 - Woolooware Bay Foreshore Development - Single stainless wire fence stretching over 500m to keep trail bikers out of protected mangrove areas

04-132 - Lilli Pilli Reserve - Bollard and chain mixed with low fence single rail to give aesthetic appearance.

04-145 - Port Hacking Road - Miranda - Bollards staggered at 1.2m centers to stop vehicles illegally parking 

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