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Join-T-Lock provide commercial fencing solutions to a wide variety of clients, all with different requirements and challenges. We specialise in Kopper's log fences, that come in various styles. No matter what the requirement we can custom design a solution for you, whether it be for a car park area or whether it be for a playground or reserve barricade or fence.


We offer a complete service encompassing all the aspects from preliminary design through to installation.

Projects in focus

04138 - Woolooware Bay Foreshore Development - Single stainless wire fence stretching over 500m to keep trail bikers out of protected mangrove areas

04-132 - Lilli Pilli Reserve - Bollard and chain mixed with low fence single rail o give good aesthetic appearance.

04-145 - Port Hacking Road - Miranda - Bollards staggered at 1.2m centers to stop vehicles illegally parking 

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