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Technical Data

Join-T-Lock Cable Gates & Fences are a fast economical way to secure large areas of land from unauthorized vehicle access with the minimum of installation cost.


Using the unique Join-T-Lock installation system every post becomes a locked gate so that should the fence ever be cut, not more than a single span can be removed. The cable is epoxy anchored at every post!


Our Cable Gate system has been developed in cooperation with a number of Government bodies and combines a fully hot dipped galvanized lock system with a factory swaged cable gate.


Cable diameters and types:

12mm - 20 mm diameter galvanised strand wire


Post Spacings:

3.0m - 5.0 m as required.


Post Types:

Refer to Bollards brochure (Page 3) for bollard selection. Cable installed 125 mm below post top. Recommended post diameter not less than 150mm.


Lock Requirements:

Designed for Lockwood 245 Series or equivalent: 38mm opening x 9.5mm diameter x 50mm case width.


Download a PDF version of cable fences

Project in focus

04138 - Woolooware Bay Foreshore Development - Single stainless wire fence stretching over 500m to keep trail bikers out of protected mangrove areas

04-132 - Lilli Pilli Reserve - Bollard and chain mixed with low single rail fenceto give aesthetic appearance 

04-145 - Port Hacking Road - Miranda - Bollards staggered at 1.2m centers to stop vehicles illegally parking 

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