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Join-T-Lock is a revolutionary new method of joining treated pine logs for various structural applications and has been operating for four years now out of Albion Park Rail and now operate out of Coniston on the South Coast of N.S.W. During this period Join-T-Lock has primarily been in an experimental stage and at the same time have developed and sold a wide array of  fencing and recreational structures. 

Products sold include ornate heavy bollards up to 300mm, one and two rail fences, a one rail fence using heavy 250mm posts in a Maritime theme, sleeper-seats, sand dune retaining fences, wheelchair-access picnic shelters, beach entries, wheelchair-friendly boardwalks, suspended walkways, stairways, viewing platforms, bridges etc. Join-T-Lock fences and structures are far more COST-EFFICIENT than other recreational timber structures because it is the joint and not the timber that invariably fails and fails relatively quickly in all of the other systems. Join-T-Lock structures are: STRONGER for LONGER and have a FAR LONGER SERVICE LIFE.



All Join-T-Lock structures benefit from the following:

  • Compliance with the relevant Australian Standards

  • The logs have no sharp edges to cause injury

  • There are no exposed fasteners to rust and become even more hazardous

  • The joints can readily be made as strong as the timber itself and so a very long serviceable life is expected


Project in focus

04138 - Woolooware Bay Foreshore Development - Single stainless wire fence stretching over 500m to keep trail bikers out of protected mangrove areas

04-132 - Lilli Pilli Reserve - Bollard and chain mixed with low fence single rail to give aesthetic appearance.

04-145 - Port Hacking Road - Miranda - Bollards staggered at 1.2m centers to stop vehicles illegally parking 

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