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Technical Data

The Path Maker fence has been designed for areas where a cross fall prevents easy installation of a level walkway to the natural ground level. The lower half of this fence provides a retaining structure where earth can be compacted to form a stable low cost base while the rail section provides a guide for the intended user.


The Path Maker has been widely used by National Parks and councils in more remote area applications such as along approach walks to beaches, amenities, etc.




Post and rail sections are H4 CCA treated Slash Pine. Sleeper sections are H4 CCA treated Radiata Pine. ACQ treatment is available for special orders where environmental sensitivity is an issue.


All dowels are supplied either as galvanised or 316 stainless steel depending upon proximity to coastal environment and service life requirements.


Timber can be supplied in a range of finishes including raw, Dimension 4 Natural stain and various paint finishes.


Download a PDF version here

Project in focus

04138 - Woolooware Bay Foreshore Development - Single stainless wire fence stretching over 500m to keep trail bikers out of protected mangrove areas

04-132 - Lilli Pilli Reserve - Bollard and chain mixed with low single rail fenceto give aesthetic appearance 

04-145 - Port Hacking Road - Miranda - Bollards staggered at 1.2m centers to stop vehicles illegally parking 

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